BTI Data Secure

BTI Data Secure


Information is your company’s most valuable technological asset and, as such, it must be rigorously protected. BTI Data Secure is a service that accompanies you step by step through the different stages involved in implementing an effective data security strategy. Our integrated offering offsets the need for specialized software or personnel to deploy and operate the solution. The offering supports all major database, file, and operating system platforms, including Big Data and cloud environments. Based on best practices, the phases of our BTI Data Secure service are as follows:

Database Discovery

Refers to the process of locating and identifying objects in your environment that must be tracked for security and compliance purposes.

Entitlement Review

Helps you identify the access permissions defined on files and directories, as well as the accounts, privileges, and roles assigned in the databases.

Sensitive Data Classification

Sensitive data regularly refers to regulated information such as credit card numbers, personal financial data, social security numbers, and other information that requires special handling.

Database Vulnerability Assessment

Based on these best practices,  offers you security scans to identify and detect vulnerabilities in your databases.

Priviledged Access Control

Offers you the opportunity to restrict those privileged users, reliably preventing them from having access to sensitive data.


Protects your data wherever it resides, and features capabilities to manage the encryption key lifecycle with secure key generation and automated rotation.

Activity Monitoring / Auditing

Provides complete, real-time visibility into activity on structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data across all your data repositories.


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