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BTI Data Secure


Information is your company’s most valuable technological asset and, as such, it must be rigorously protected. BTI Data Secure is a service that accompanies you step by step through the different stages involved in implementing an effective data security strategy. Our integrated offering offsets the need for specialized software or personnel to deploy and operate the solution. The offering supports all major database, file, and operating system platforms, including Big Data and cloud environments. Based on best practices, the phases of our BTI Data Secure service are as follows:

Database discovery Database Discovery

Discover refers to the process of locating and identifying objects in your environment that must be tracked for security and compliance purposes. Databases are common in business applications and often contain very sensitive information for the organization; knowing where they are located within our technological infrastructure is the first step for their correct protection. BTI Data Secure scans your network looking for the location of active databases, identifying the type of instance, IP address, and port it uses. It is common to find surprises, such as unknown databases or ones located in unexpected places; be proactive in locating potential sources of sensitive information.

Entitlement review Entitlement Review

Who has permission to access my files? What kind of permission? And in databases, who has administrative privileges? What roles have been assigned? Questions like these are common in our security area, but the answers tend to be hard to come by. BTI Data Secure helps you identify the access permissions defined on files and directories, as well as the accounts, privileges, and roles assigned in the databases. With this service, you will be able to have complete and accurate visibility of the permission structure on your sensitive data, so that you can validate and ensure that users have only the necessary privileges.

Entitlement review Sensitive Data Classification

Sensitive data regularly refers to regulated information such as credit card numbers, personal financial data, social security numbers, and other information that requires special handling. Our BTI Data Secure service reviews your files and databases to identify what sensitive information they contain, generating and distributing clear reports for validation. Not only does it discover the types of data recognized worldwide as sensitive (credit card numbers, telephones, emails, etc.), but we can customize patterns to identify data particularly sensitive to your organization, such as customer numbers, identity numbers from a specific country, etc.

Entitlement review Database Vulnerability Assessment 

Databases are repositories with numerous configurable aspects that give you great flexibility, but at the same time enable various points of risk. Globally, there are efforts to identify vulnerabilities in the different databases and recommend remedies to eliminate or mitigate them. Based on these best practices, the BTI Data Secure service offers you security scans to identify and detect vulnerabilities in your databases, helping you to proactively improve the configurations and security of your structured data sources.

Database discovery Priviledged Access Control

Every data repository has its own mechanism to control access to information according to the permissions that are granted, something basic and expected that regularly works very well. But it has a blind spot: Administrators inherently have unrestricted access to all content, posing a security risk. It is not something that can be changed through configuration or by removing privileges. BTI Data Secure offers you the opportunity to restrict those privileged users, reliably preventing them from having access to sensitive data, but maintaining the freedom to carry out the corresponding administrative tasks. The Security personnel will have boards that show them abnormal behavior and potential cases of breaches, which they can investigate and act on if required. You can also send alerts by various means to notify situations of interest.

Database discovery Encryption

Numerous regulations (PCI DSS, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, others) require encryption of sensitive data to avoid breaches. BTI Data Secure offers you a strong encryption option that protects your data wherever it resides (on-premises or in the cloud), be it these files or databases, and features capabilities to manage the encryption key lifecycle with secure key generation and automated rotation. Additionally, it offers robust and granular user access control and a detailed audit trail to
assist organizations with compliance reporting.


Database discovery Activity Monitoring / Auditing

After identifying your confidential data and taking steps to protect it, you should monitor the activities that access this data. In many cases, you can use the data that is generated by monitoring to meet audit requirements, whether they are regulatory or internal. BTI Data Secure provides complete, real-time visibility into activity on structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data across all your data repositories; automates audits and compliance reports, and runs specialized threat detection scans that scan and analyze audited data for symptoms that may indicate different types of attacks. It also enables you to streamline your compliance workflow process by automating the generation of audit reports; report distribution; sign-off by key stakeholders; and escalations.

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