How IBM Security Randori can bring clarity to your Cyber Risk

The rapid adoption of hybrid cloud models and remote work is reshaping how organizations manage their attack surface. According to the IBM Security X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2023, 26% of attacks involved exploiting public-facing applications. Additionally, the ESG’s 2022 State of Attack Surface Management report revealed that seven out of ten organizations were compromised through poorly managed internet-facing assets in the past year. This underscores the critical importance of effectively managing enterprise attack surface in an ever-evolving digital environment.

IBM Security Randori is a comprehensive solution designed to provide clarity to cyber risk. Through the use of advanced algorithms and intelligent analysis, Randori offers a detailed view of an organization’s digital infrastructure, identifying and prioritizing security risks. Moreover, Randori seamlessly integrates with other security tools, enabling a coordinated and efficient response to threats.

One way Randori brings clarity to cyber risk is through its ability to explore an organization’s attack surface. Using advanced discovery techniques, Randori identifies all assets connected to the network, including those that may go unnoticed by other security solutions. This provides a comprehensive understanding of an organization’s digital footprint and helps identify areas of potential risk.

Additionally, Randori offers detailed analysis functionality that allows organizations to assess the criticality and likelihood of exploitation of each identified risk. This enables security teams to prioritize their efforts and focus on addressing the most critical risks first.

To better illustrate how IBM Security Randori can bring clarity to cyber risk, images showing screenshots of the Randori user interface in action can be added. These images could include screenshots of attack surface exploration, risk visualization, and risk prioritization functionality. These images will help readers better understand how Randori can help their organization effectively manage cyber risk.

In summary, IBM Security Randori is a powerful solution that can help organizations effectively manage their cyber risk. It provides clarity by identifying and prioritizing security risks, and seamlessly integrates with other security tools for a coordinated response to threats. With Randori, organizations can be better prepared to protect against cyber threats in an ever-evolving digital environment.

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